our net details


2 Meter Simplex Net - 6:30pm

2 Meter Net - 7:00pm

10 Meter Net - follows 2 Meter Net

Other Slots Open

Anyone interested in starting other nets are welcome

Membership Details

  • Lodi ARC Membership Fees
    • Single Adult Membership Rate: $20.00 per year
    • Family Membership Rate: $25.00 per year
    • Student Membership Rate: $10.00 per year
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Net Information

The Lodi Amateur Radio Club Net is on-air every Wednesday evening at 7:00 P.M.

2 Meter Simplex Net -
  • Frequency: 147.090 Mhz +0 khz offset,NO PL
  • This net is run simplex on 147.0900 Mhz
  • Time of Net: 6:30 PM
  • Ant Polarization: Vertical

2 Meter Net - 2 Meter Net Roster

  • Frequency: 147.090 Mhz +600 khz offset, PL is 114.8 Hz.
  • During outages, this net is run simplex on 147.0900 Mhz
  • Time of Net: 7:00 PM
  • Ant Polarization: Vertical

10 Meter Net - 10 Meter Net Roster

  • Frequency: 28.400 Mhz USB
  • Time of Net: Approx. Following the 2 Meter Net
  • Ant Polarization: Vertical

Hope to hear you there!!!

repeater system information


The repeater our club uses is on 147.090 Mhz, +600 khz tx offset.
The repeater is owned by Fred Coe, WB6ASU.
The repeater call is WB6ASU/R and is located on Bear Mnt, just outside of San Andreas, CA.

The repeater operates on a PL of 114.8 hz.
There are two other repeaters linked into this repeater:

  • 444.250 Mhz, +5 mhz tx offset, PL is 114.8 hz
  • 927.075 Mhz, -25 mhz tx offset, PL is 100.0 hz


Analog ATV - FM TV Mode
Input Frequency: 915 Mhz
Output Frequency: 1249 Mhz

Digital ATV

Final frequencies still to be determined.

WB6ASU repeater system status